Administrative burdens and citizen (dis)trust

9 jul

In de tweede blog in de serie over vertrouwen en wantrouwen tussen burgers en overheid, bespreek ik het boek van Pamela Herd en Don Moynihan over administrative burden.

How government decides about policies and their implementation, especially the choices they make that lead to more or less administrative burdens for citizens, impacts on the trust or distrust that citizens will have in government. It leads us to question the deeply held beliefs of  public leaders and professionals about citizens and their trust or distrust in citizens. This is a relatively understudied field of research. The recently published book Administrative Burden (Herd and Moynihan, 2019) provides a good starting pointfor such an analysis, even though it does not explicitly study the impact of administrative burdens on citizen trust or distrust.

Het eerste blog, kan je hier lezen.